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The Golden Hour


You and this glorious mess of a potion have a little secret in common. That’s when you see the little red flowers; their crimped petals a small cluster of crisp sunshine! Her colors are vibrant, and yet you’re unsure if this flower has just bloomed or is ready to fall?

She is not your ordinary 24K serum. She is made out of 9 Luxury Oils, ranging from various continents, crossing the oceans and over beautifully set apart horizons. With all this diversity she holds an in-house infusion of organically farmed and home-grown flowers. Crowning Saffron to be her most potent disciple.

We present you: Halo for the face!



The Ritual:

Take only 2 drops of The Golden Hour and use as part of your skin care routine after cleansing and toning or before applying your makeup to achieve that perfect golden hour glow!

The Blessing:

From dull and tired to clear and glowing!

We consider this any skin care routine’s potent side-kick, as it instantly creates a bioactive, readily absorbed super serum for your face, neck, chest, and hands. An instantly-absorbed skin drink infused with potent plants (one of which are organic home-grown rose petals) that protect and help repair skin from signs of environmental damage, scarring from acne, reduces collagen-killing inflammation and makes skin feel incredibly soft and smooth, without any residue!

She blesses you with a bright clearer skin, reduces fine lines, battles hyperpigmentation, combats and fights off bacteria that causes acne and helps promote collagen synthesis.

pssst … we’re letting you in on a secret here – One of the 3 flowers come straight from Madinah-tul-Munawara. Famous for being the best of the best in it’s kind. A natural botox boost for your lovely skin!

Additional Details:

Handcrafted Created with natural ingredients None of the ingredients have undergone any heating process.


Tested on family

Size: 15ml Packaged in a bubble wrapper and a paper wrapper

Note: Regular usage will help expedite the results. Stay committed

NOTE : Always do a patch test under your ear, near your jawline before going all full in with any product. Wait for maximum 48 HRS and minimum 2 HRS to evaluate if you face any allergic reaction. Discontinue use if your skin feels irritated, inflamed or goes red.

Please ask your doctor before use, if you are allergic to nuts, seeds or fruits.

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